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Protective Security Systems, Inc. (PSS) was incorporated August 12, 1994. Dedicated to providing state-of-the-art electronic security systems, network security, industrial security and over IP solutions, access control solutions, CCTV systems, wireless data, video, industrial automation solutions, monitoring, among a host of other security related products and solutions. Not only can we provide a total security solution, we can customize to meet your specifications, making individual security sub-systems work together in an integrated, cohesive manner.

After years of interaction with the largest Security Surveillance & Over IP Solutions companies we have concluded that the most important deliverable to our customer is not only providing best in class technology or a in a product, but also being able to provide a real customized solution with the right team to make things happen. Focusing our attention on our clients’ needs is our number one priority.


Our mission is to offer flexible solutions while keeping a keen eye on the economic impact and the return on  investment of a given project or systems implementation. PSS is a results oriented company dedicated to focusing 100% of our workforce on customer care strategies.

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“Customer Satisfaction Requires a Customer Focused Staff”

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Focusing 100% of our workforce on customer care strategies.

History & Awards


Protective Security Systems, Inc. (PSS) is based in Puerto Rico and was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a for profit corporation on August 12, 1994 registered with number 88441.

It specializes in the design and implementation of electronic security systems, optical fiber, industrial security, over IP solutions, installations and facilities management for corporations, state and municipal government agencies and for federal and military organizations in Puerto Rico and through the Caribbean Islands. PSS offers the following security solutions: consulting, design, sales, installation, service, maintenance and integration of electronic security systems, network security, wireless and IP systems, such as: CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.

PSS offers a unique mixture technical expertise in areas such as security, optical fiber, wireless and IP systems, system integration, network security and facilities management’s. PSS has designed, engineered and installed some of the largest and most sophisticated multifunctional security and facilities management systems on the island. We specialize in integrated access control, CCTV systems and over IP solutions, optical fiber, alarm monitoring, among other security services.

Awards and affiliations

✓ “Best Education Concept Award”

First prize - Puerto Rico Manufacters Association in the Industrial Trade Fair

✓ "Appointed by CCTV Systems “Authorized Dealer Representative"

Appointed by CCTV Systems

✓ “Authorized System Integrator"

Tropos Network Inc.

✓ “Authorized Dealer Representative”

Appointed by B2B IPELA Systems Sony Puerto Rico

✓ “Exclusive Authorized Dealer Representative”

Appointed by Industrial Automation Systems ICP DAS USA in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands

✓ “Authorized Dealer Representative”

Appointed by Honeywell International